Eisco Labs Student Voltaic Cell & Porous Cup with Experiment Guide
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This kit is used to provide students with an understanding of voltaic or galvanic cells and the transfer of electrons from one metal to another in specific chemical reactions (oxidization-reduction reactions). In the first activity, students set up and familiarize themselves with voltaic cells. Worksheets are provided in the instruction manual to help guide them through this process. In the second activity students apply their newly accumulated knowledge to make observations regarding the apparatus. They then have a chance to develop their scientific creativity by developing their own investigative questions and hypothese and finally their own experimental procedure. If using this kit with middle school students it can serve as a visual demonstration of chemical energy converting into electrical energy. To do this, a 1V bulb is placed between the two electrodes and illuminates when the switch is closed, connecting the two electrodes. Components Included In this Kit: Plastic Jar w/ Lip Electrode Brackets Iron (Fe) Electrode Tin (Sn) Electrode Carbon Rod Nickel (Ni) Electrode Zinc (Zn) Electrode Aluminum (Ai) Electrode Copper (Cu) Electrode Porous Cup Components needed but not included: Electrolyte solution (ex: acetic acid, dilute sulfuric acid etc) Multimeter 1 M Aqueous Solution of Copper Sulfate (CuS04) 1 M Aqueous solution of Zinc Sulfate (ZnS04)

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