UHP600 graphite electrode is recommended by ZSC
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UHP600 graphite electrode is recommended:

UHP graphite electrode is used for steel recycling in electric arc furnace industry. In order to meet the requirements of higher working efficiency and lower total cost, large capacity ultra high power electric arc furnace is becoming more and more popular. Therefore, ZSC UHP600 graphite electrode will dominate the market.UHP graphite electrode is mainly composed of needle coke of high value, which is made from petroleum or coal tar. Graphite electrodes are machined in a cylindrical shape and threaded areas are machined at each end. In this way, graphite electrodes can be assembled into electrode columns using electrode joints.

Zhongsheng Carbon Technology Co., Ltd., is a graphite electrode manufacturer located in the high-energy industrial park in Wulanchabu, Inner Mongolia. We have three subsidiary companies. They are HQ Carbon Co., Ltd, Zhongsheng Industrial Trading Co., Ltd in Hong Kong, and another company in Handan is responsible for sales.

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